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A Polish cup of tea
A Polish cup of teaIn addition to being a refreshing hot beverage, tea is a great warmer-upper highly recommended for outdoor activities during the colder months. It also settles an upset stomach - something that cannot be said about coffee. moreread more
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  Hospital of the Transfiguration (Szpital przemienienia) [NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.0 Import - Poland]

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Cucumber salad (mizeria)
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Cucumber salad (mizeria)
This very popular side dish is quick to make and goes well with any kind of meat. more

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GIMZA Polish Restaurant
3435 Medlock Bridge Rd.
Suite 209
Norcross, GA 30092

GIMZA is the only restaurant in Atlanta dedicated in serving authentic Polish food in a modern European style. Our food is freshly prepared each morning, and cooked when ordered.

At GIMZA, we are dedicated in serving freshly prepared and cooked authentic Polish food at a very competitive price. more

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European Specialties
Westvale Plaza, 2142 West Genesee St.
Syracuse, NY 13219

Many of you may still remember your mother's or grandmother's kitchen filled with the aroma of Ukrainian and Polish cooking. European Specialties offers many of the old familiar products that we all love. These, like all our imported products, are hand-selected, and represent the finest Eastern European foods available anywhere in the world today. They remind us of home... and they'll remind you of what real food can taste like, no matter where your home is. more
Starter course, hot or cold meat, fish, vegetable or egg dish served ahead of the main course; plural: przystawki. more